Day 10:Jan 11

(Still working on Jan 9th’s entry….)

I’m begining to dread it when he opens MS Spreadsheet to show me what exactly he wants.

I worked on spreadsheets, then was requested by the box office manager to go re-fill the outside brocure things, which at that point, I didn’t mind a break from spreadsheets.

Favorite moment of the day:

We had a rental real estate meeting thing in the morning, and they left the theatre a mess. Our executive director went up there to see if it needed cleaning. Well, he went up to the booth to call us and tell us (the box office manager, me, and the business manager) it was a train wreck. Our box office manager was on the phone with a customer, Business manger was away from her desk, and I didn’t know whether it was an outside call or if it was one of the light/sound guys wanting Chuck for something, so I let it ring. Finally, our box office manager gets off the phone, and Chuck gets a hold of us. Peter (BO manager) takes the call, gets off it and says “He’s lost patience with us, but you know how he is-it’ll be a joke when he gets down here.” And it certainly was a joke. Chuck reenters the office, and goes-“what’d you all do-have your phones on do not disturb?”. And we all told him the truth-Peter was on the phone, Robin not there, and me not knowing what to do with it, then jokingly told him, “No, we saw it was you and knew better than to answer.”


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