Day 14: January 18

Got in late due to the horrific ice storm. Was semi-panicked that he’d be mad that I was late by like a half hour. He wasn’t. He didn’t have anything for me, and it was him, the box office lady and myself all day-our box office manager lived an hour away and couldn’t get out of his driveway, and I imagine the same for our business manager and marketing specialist. The box office lady left at 2, leaving Chuck and I alone for two and half hours in the building.

My Day consisted of the following:

  • Got there about 10:30.
  • Stood around.
  • Entered some info on potential new board members for Chuck into the computer.
  • Stood around again.
  • Helped the box office lady stuff some things for mailing.
  • Stood around some more.
  • Helped Chuck move some chairs and take down the cabaret setting from this weekends shows and bring back the “regular” chairs to our theatre.
  • Stood around.
  • Sorted through receipts for Chuck organizing them so he could categorize them for our credit card.
  • Stood around.
  • Researched on how the weather was on a past date so Chuck could write something. He wanted to be accurate with his weather description.
  • Chuck let me turn off the lights and lock the doors at close.



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