Day 17, the final day: Jan 21

Got in late due to a morning appointment and snow. Had warned him ahead of time. He didn’t care.

My Day consisted of the following:

  • Finished entering in the agency contact information from the day before.
  • Stood around.
  • Took up some plastic that we had put down on the carpets around the building.
  • Stood around.
  • Listened to Chuck and Peter argue over Billy Joel, Elton John and Katharine Hepburn (NO, you don’t want to know)
  • Looked up to see how many Facebook and twitter fans/followers we have  during a discussion about giving them a deal to get them to come to the theatre.
  • Ate my dinner
  • Sat around some more, waiting for the 8PM Show, Our Town presented by Saybrook Stage Company to start at 8PM.
  • Got bored, wrote my intern journal. 🙂
  • Watched Our Town.
  • Went Home.

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