The Final Assessment, I think

This internship was very unconventional, compared to other internships that my friends have had. It was unconventional in the following ways:

  1. I never actually applied for it-I emailed Chuck, explained that I needed to do an internship as a senior project, and he agreed to “hire me in” over my winter break.
  2. Instead of Chuck writing my schedule, it was “When can you be here?”, and if I had an appointment or whatever in the morning or late afternoon, I would let him know ahead of time.

A lot of the tasks were very mundane, and boring things that no one else really wanted to do. Things like entering things into numerous excel spreadsheets, making copies and whatnot.  Nothing I didn’t expect though.

What did I get out of this experience?


  1. Board Meetings=not as boring as they sound, half the time. At least the one I was allowed to attend wasn’t anyway.
  2. The Professional World of Theatre is a lot more relaxed and casual than those at the University level want us to believe.
  3. MS Excel-luckily, I know this MS application fairly well, so most of it

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